Q: What is the working structure of ROMF? 

Rest Of My Family is a unique ‘social-work-through-art’ project and organisation. As the first step of our process our founders, who are also our documentary team travel into remote and often ignored rural areas and spend as much time as is required to thoroughly understand and document the situation in the region through photo stories and video documentaries. This step of documentation works towards raising awareness about various issues and situations with an aim to start discussion and debate in the public space. Apart from documenting we also identify the nature of support that the individuals or communities need for empowerment and improvement of lives. After identification required funds are raised and the relevant support is extended to the people either directly or in collaboration with partner organisations based on nature of work.

Q: What kind of social support does ROMF extend? 

Unlike many organisations that work in specific fields i.e., education, healthcare, women rights, infrastructure etc. We provide all kinds of support on a need basis. Where there is lack of electricity we provide solar solutions. Where there is lack of healthcare infrastructure we provide medical support and so on…

Q: Can I submit stories to ROMF  in order to get support from the organisation? 

We usually only work with communities after visiting and documenting the situation on our own. Hence currently we are not open to submissions.

Q: How much time does ROMF team spend in each place to document and before starting on-ground social work? 

There is no pre-decided time frame. We are completely driven by the need of the place and people. How much ever time we need to do justice to understanding a place. Some places 3 months while somewhere 15 days.

Q: Why go to and work in so many places as opposed to working in one place? 

We are a documentary driven project that also takes up the responsibility of providing relevant support to the communities that we document about. Travelling and exploring situations with different communities and peoples is at the core of our process. Apart from doing social work, through our documentary work we are working to connect the problems of people from around the world and in turn connecting the people themselves. We are working on spreading awareness about the harmful effects of selfish way of life on an individual and social level. Travelling is crucial to our journey and purpose.

Q: How can I work with the project? 

At ROMF we strongly believe that people involved in a process can make or break things. Selecting the right people to work with is crucial to having a successful movement. With this in mind we are extremely choosy of people that can come on board. We believe that talent and skills can be acquired, but soul and spirit cannot be. We are open to working with people with whom we have a sync in energy and philosophy. You can write to us to find out more.

Q: Who is funding ROMF’s projects?

Our funds are raised through private contributors – A vast majority of whom are people like you. Rest Of My Family is an independent organisation that relies solely on our donors for funding, your support is absolutely crucial to ROMF’s ability to provide continue our exploration and provide necessary support to millions of people. Private support is essential to our ability to operate independently and to make unbiased decisions, often in countries and regions that are otherwise forgotten. The funding we receive from our donors allows us to remain independent of outside agendas and in-line with our principles of neutrality, transparency and accountability. We currently receive all our funds from private donors and CSR initiatives.

Q: How will ROMF use these donations?

ROMF uses its resources in three main activities.

  1. Travelling to remote rural areas in order to understand and document the ground reality of various ignored sections of rural society. During this process we also identify the nature of the support that can bring about a natural empowerment of the individuals or communities.
  2. Majority of our funds go towards providing the required support to the people in need. The nature of support can vary based on the needs of the people, i.e. Energy, Infrastructure, Medical, Educational etc.
  3. As an organization that works independently; we also invest in organizational development and operations to ensure that the dedicated team of people that help us realize our goals and work, get to do so with ease and efficiency.

Q: How important are private donors to ROMF?

As an organisation we believe in staying away from all vested interests and lobbying. It is imperative for us to only connect with and receive funds from private donors who relate with our neutral, all enveloping humanitarian vision and philosophy.

Q: Does ROMF receive government funding?

We currently don’t receive any direct or indirect funding from Indian Government.

Q: Are you taking money from corporates – does that influence your work?

We are currently only receiving funds from individual donors and foundations. Apart from that we also do receive funds from a few Corporate CSR programs. The primary criteria is for us to ensure that there is no conflict of interest or pressure from the potential funder to deviate from our core values and philosophy.

Q: Do you fund other organisations?

We don’t fund other organisations. We do however implement some projects in collaboration with other organisations that are active in the given region. In such cases we do channel funds to these partners to convert them into required service/support to individuals and communities.

Q: Who audits your books?

Rajanna Associates, Bangalore

Q: What methods does ROMF use for Fundraising?

We raise funds through several different channels and activities such as:

  • Direct Marketing (Face to Face fundraising, and direct mailing)
  • Online , you can visit our website www.restofmyfamily.org for details.
  • Crowdfunding

Q: How can I help ROMF?

You can help ROMF in a number of ways:

  • Work with us (visit our volunteer section on www.restofmyfamily.org for more details)
  • Donate to our cause – become a voluntary fundraiser, or directly donate to the people in need.


Q: Can I donate supplies as in-kind donations?

We are open to in-kind donations where such support is relevant. Sometimes people/communities need things that can be directly provided to them. Such direct in-kind donations in many cases make things easy for us and also reduce chance of corruption by middle men.

Q: How can I be sure that my donation will be used properly?

ROMF is transparent about its costs. You are free to check our accounts on demand. Accounts and programmes are audited regularly and strict guidelines on finances are maintained according to proper guidelines.

Q: Does ROMF partner with third parties or agencies to raise funds?

Donations from individuals and foundations are our main source of funds. But we are open to such collaborations as long as there are no conflicts of interest and mutual trust.  

Q: What payment methods can I use?

Cheque, credit card, debit card, internet banking and demand draft.

Q: Can I make my  donation for a specific project?

Most of our donations are project specific. This enables the donor to choose to support a particular cause that they can relate to.

Q: Can I visit the project site?

Most of our projects are concentrated in rural, remote, sensitive areas where people are vulnerable to exploitation by outsiders. Hence, project sites are not a common occurence. However such visits may be possible on case to case basis.

Q: Is my donation tax deductible? Will I get a tax exemption certificate and tax receipt for my donation?

Under the Income Tax Act 80G, 50 percent of your donation amount is tax exempted. You will get a tax exemption certificate from ROMF.

Q: What is the PAN number of ROMF?

Pan no. for ROMF is AACTR7212B


Q: Is ROMF an international organisation?

ROMF is an international social-work-through-art organisation. All our projects are currently in India but our projects will expand to other countries in the future.

Q: May I see your annual report to see how you raise and disburse funds?

Yes. It will be made available on our website. www.restofmyfamily.org

Q: Is there any advantage of donating online?

Yes. Online donation is fast, easy and convenient, and it can minimize our administrative work. Moreover, using the online medium as a primary resource to donate is far more cost effective than channels such as field offices or call centers.

Q: How can I start a monthly donation?

For information regarding the process and to initiate the same, contact us +919902332973

Q: How safe is my personal information with ROMF?

We are committed to protecting your personal information with us. We respect and value every one of our supporters. As per our privacy policy, we don’t share your details externally. We do want to share the reality of our work with you. When you give us your details, you agree to receiving information about our work, and your support. For more details, please do read our Privacy Policy.


Q: What if my address or phone number changes?

You can always email us at contact@romf.org .

Q: Whom do I contact if I have a question or problem making an online donation?

You can contact us at +91 9902332973 (Monday – Friday / 9am – 5:30pm)

Q: Is the Online Payment Gateway secure?


Q: When do I get my donation receipt?

In the case of an online donation, you will receive an email confirmation within a few minutes of donating and within 15 days, you will also receive a tax receipt on the email address provided .

For donations made by cheque / DD, you will receive a receipt by post within 45 days of your donation. The electronic copy of the donation receipt is the same as what will be sent by post and can be used for claiming tax benefits.