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At the core we are on a mission to spread awareness about the ill-effects of a paradigm that is built along the lines of selfish-competition. Through our documentation and dialogue we are striving to explore the negative aspects of such a capitalistic/selfish way of life and in the process to also find alternative modes of community living. An attempt to shift the foundation of our society from selfish-competition to mutual co-operation is at the crux of what drives us.

What happens when we treat everyone’s problems as our own? What change occurs when we treat entire society as our own family? What happens when a person includes entire humanity into his/her circle of ‘me’ and ‘my’?

These are some of the key questions that we wish to raise and answer through our efforts.

Since everyone we meet is part of our family, making maximum effort to solve their problems is our responsibility.¬† Hence we document about social issues and human stories to raise awareness about an individual’s or communities struggles. But we don’t stop there. Because it is not enough to just talk about one’s family’s problems. In order to support them, with the help of our funders and partners, we also extend necessary support to those we meet, live with and document about.


¬†Through this project/organization we have taken it upon ourselves to see what we can do to support and empower the people and communities we meet apart from raising awareness about their issues through documentary films, photo stories and artistic collaborations. Unless and until, they get the relevant support, for us, the story doesn’t end.

We raise funds for the support/development project with help of our individual donors, partner funding agencies and through crowd funding campaigns. Our regional NGO partners work with us to transform these funds into relevant support.

Of course, some of the problems we come across are deeply-rooted in our society and will only improve gradually through awareness. But, there’s always something that can be done to improve the situation of individuals and communities then and there.