Rural Health Project Healthcare

Location: Bastar, Chattisgarh

To provide diagnostic infrastructure and healthcare services through medical camps in remote and disconnected tribal villages of Bastar, Chattisgarh. The primary focus also includes overall improvement in health conditions, prevention of diseases, reduction in mortality rate, collection of health-related data and spreading awareness about hygiene and healthy practices among tribals.

Healthcare Situation in Bastar

Local kids with bloated stomachs due to malnutrition and lack of monitoring their health status.

A young woman suffering from the last stage of sickle cell anemia

Project Current Status

In Bastar, Chattisgarh Rest Of My Family has partnered with Dr. Ramchandra and Suneeta Godbole who have been providing healthcare to tribes residing in Bastar for almost 20 years. The project is currently active in Dantewada and Sukma districts. The team comprises two visiting doctors, a laboratory technician, and two field assistants.

Our local doctor and medical coordinators Dr. Godbole and Mrs. Godbole providing treatment, coordinating personnel and procuring medicines during a medical camp.

Our staff arranging all the medicines that have to be taken to the medical camp site.

We kickstarted the project with 4,78,760/- donated by Kara Foundation. With these funds we sourced required diagnostic devices, kits, infrastructure and resources in order to provide quality medical diagnostic facilities at the village level. Apart from procuring these resources we have been conducting 2 camps per month since July, 2017.

Tribals and locals queuing for medical checkup and treatment during camp

Our local staff providing pre medical care and assisting the doctors in carrying out the locals and tribals treatment.

• Bastar receives heavy rainfall and a lot of tribal settlements are cut off during these months.The number of people attending the medical camp also reduces drastically. Therefore, after numerous discussions with our local support personnel and organizations we have decided to conduct 2 camps per month during 4 monsoon months (June-September) and 4 camps per month during rest of the year (October-May).

• We are currently raising funds to provide for medical camps through out 2018-19. INR. 4,78,760 per month (October to May) and INR. 2,39,380 per month during the rainy season(June-September) -- an estimated INR. 47,87,600 /- per year.