All our Causes

Kharthong Organic Farmers Producer Company

This campaign is raising funds towards second phase of development of KOFPO Company that is co-operatively owned and run by the farmers of Biate tribe.The Company is working towards uniting, organizing and training farmers to practice sustainable, profitable agriculture, run a company and market their products directly to the end customer

Bee Keeping

This program will increase bee population, while providing another source of livelihood to the farmers and premium quality organic honey from the Kharthong Hills to the consumers across the country.

Administration Funds

Your support keeps us going and doing our work. We are currently raising administrative funds for the year 2018-19.

Bastar Rural Healthcare Project

To provide diagnostic infrastructure and healthcare services through medical camps in remote and disconnected tribal villages of Bastar, Chattisgarh. The primary focus also includes overall improvement in health conditions, prevention of diseases, reduction in mortality rate, collection of health-related data and spreading awareness about hygiene and healthy practices among tribals.

Dhanushkodi Community bus

To provide a community bus to the ghost town of Dhanushkodi, TN. Dhanushkodi has no public infrastructure present.There are no schools, hospitals, post office, police station or any other public services functioning in the area. The nearest hospital is almost 13 km away, most of the kids are enrolled in schools in Rameshwaram and all 236 families residing there have to travel to Rameshwaram to get basic supplies. With funds from Kara Foundation we have managed to provide the fishing community of Dhanushkodi with a community bus that has connected the settlement.

Bonda Tribe Bio Gas

To introduce and establish biogas as an eco-friendly, healthy alternative to burning forest wood for cooking and other household purposes.

Documentary Funds

‘Rest Of My Family’ is a social-work-through-art initiative. Through the very design of our project, we aim to propagate a philosophy and a responsible way of looking at social issues through works of art. The aim is to use conventional and experimental modes of expression/art-forms- mix-media, multimedia art forms, documentary films, photo stories in order to bring about an engaging and long lasting social movement and transformation.

Vardhana - Education Sponsorship

Empowering as many bright, dedicated and underprivileged children to complete their education, at any stage of their academic career (from school to post graduation) as possible. Allowing them to realize their true potential unafected by their personal financial situation at any step of their journey.

Neliyampathy Solar Power to Malasar tribe

To provide a mobile home lighting system capable of recharging through solar together with street lights around the tribal hamlet in order to ensure safe and easy movement during non-daylight hours as the hamlet is frequented by wild animals.

West Bengal Drinking water filtration

To filter and supply arsenic free, safe and clean drinking water to locals in the arsenic red zone- Swaroopnagar and Bhaduria blocks of North 24 Paragnas district, W Bengal.

Bundelkhand : Sustainable farming and Farmer Support Incubator Project

To provide guidance through farmers’ training school and financial support through an incubator fund to farmers of the region to enable them to transition to Avartansheel kheti (a sustainable, organic farming practice) that will , 1) Make agriculture profitable and sustainable, thus reducing farmer stress and suicides. , 2) Address the stray-cattle problem. ,3) Improve ground water levels. , 4) Counter deforestation.